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Our team members are all “owners" and as such can choose from where they work, how they work, and when they work based on what is most productive for them and their teams (with a few exceptions for our clinic-based team members). We are open to fully remote, hybrid, or in-office work and also offer flexible work hours for each of those models. We provide benefits and equipment to support these choices. Our commitment is to find and retain the best talent & fit to help us transform healthcare. Our cultural attribute of “Ownership” is reflected in the trust we have for each team member to work in the manner that is best for them.

Flex Work policy

Corporate Policy

Employee's choice
Employee's choice

Locations or roles with different office requirements

Are there functions or roles where there is a different expectation on time spent in the office?

Most of our team members are spread across the US working from home offices.

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Benefits include reimbursements of up to $170/month for cell phone, up to $75/month for home internet, a one-time $1000 home office allowance, a company-provided laptop (choice of Windows or MacOS), and a $100/month allowance for transit. These benefits are provided regardless of whether a team member chooses to work from home, an office, or a hybrid of the two.


Health Catalyst is a leading provider of health data and analytics technology and services, which empower healthcare organizations to improve their healthcare outcomes. With a vision to be the catalyst for massive, sustained improvements in healthcare outcomes, Health Catalyst's mission commits to transformative change in healthcare through the application of data and analytics. Founded in 2008, this Salt Lake City, Utah-based company has additional offices in multiple locations across the United States.

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