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We’ve been remote since day one, so we’ve learned to welcome the flexibility needed to support our globally distributed team in collaborating effectively across time zones, skills, and each individual’s energy levels. Defaulting to asynchronous work & communication means folks aren’t stuck in meetings all day. Instead, we work & build community through Slack across team and fun channels. Today, we’re proud to have Zapiens in 38 countries, 18+ time zones, and counting. Although we love asynchronous work, we meet regularly and have monthly meet-up budgets to share a meal over Zoom or do something fun with nearby Zapiens. Once a year, we host an all-company retreat to further develop the relationships that enable us to work together effectively. For more support, we pair all new teammates with seasoned Zapiens, offer internal coaches, and invest in our Employee Resource Groups.

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Fully remote

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Zapier is a fully remote, globally distributed company on a mission to make automation work for everyone. Their no-code automation tool empowers others to connect their apps into automated workflows, syncing the tools they already use and love. Spanning 800+ team members across 18+ time zones, Zapiens can work asynchronously in a setting that suits their lifestyles, all while serving their global customer base.